The Guiding Key Concepts of Live4It

Live4It is built upon four key concepts (representing L-I-V-E).


Lifestyle & Environment

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Invest In One Another

Preventive Health

Value Preventive Health

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Eat, Drink & Be Merry


Lifestyle & Environment (Mind, Body, Spirit)

Live4It focuses on the closely integrated relationship of mind, body and spirit to build resilience. By learning to FOCUS, or Find Our Calm Under Stress, the nervous system’s response to stress and trauma can be mitigated and restored, new neuropathways can be formed, and you can strive to become more resilient to life’s changes, challenges and experiences.


Invest in One Another (Family, Friends, and Philanthropy)

Giving of your time, talent and treasures can have two-fold effects: the joy of receiving and the joy of giving. Meaningful connection to family, friends and philanthropy (community) can help you find perspective, overcome personal obstacles, and boost your physical and mental health.


Value Preventive Health (Vie, Verify, and Veto)

Looking for signs, those seen and unseen, is an important part of prevention and longevity. Establishing a relationship with a health care provider and make time, at least annually, to look beyond detection and repair (and towards prediction and prevention). Protect your future, your future self, and your future health!


Eat, Drink & Be Merry (Nutrition, Endurance)

Life’s journey requires endurance - fueling the body and mind with healthy, nutritional choices for a better, happier and stronger journey. Finding and fulfilling purpose and keeping your “It” front and center can lead to finding emotional vitality and moving your health and wellness journey forward.