About Us

Live4It Journey

Live4It began with a fresh approach to health and wellness by asking one simple question, “What are you living for?” In other words, what gives you joy, hope, peace, strength, or meaning in life? The answer to this question can lead you to find inspiration and motivation to engage in healthier lifestyle behaviors.

Live4It is based upon a multi-dimensional approach led by dedicated healthcare organizations, local employers and community organizations working together to improve the health and wellness of an entire community. Under the Live4It umbrella, these organizations collaborate to provide a new way of approaching health and wellness, by connecting hearts and minds and motivating individuals to identify ways to live a longer, healthier life.

Today, Live4It offers a hands-on approach for health and wellness by coming together with one goal, one message to truly affect the health of individuals and our community.

Our Team

With team members working around the world, Live4It is dedicated to building a health and wellness journey that inspires and motivates individuals, while creating a sense of community.

What are YOU Living4?

What are you living for? What gives you joy, hope, peace, strength, or meaning in life? Answer this one question and begin the journey to changing your lifestyle and environment… If not for you, for "It".

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