About Live4It

Live4It Journey

In early 2019, a group of health care entities, local employers and community organizations collaborated on a fresh approach to health and wellness with the idea to improve health and lifespan by connecting hearts and minds: Live4It! Today, Live4It inspires you to identify what is important to you (your “It”) by asking a fundamental question, “What are you living for?” (what gives you joy, hope, peace, strength, or meaning in life) and provides tools, guidance and information to help you fulfill your health and wellness goals to live a longer, healthier and happier life. Live4It promotes four key concepts (representing L-I-V-E):

Our Partners

Live4It wants to help and motivate you to live longer, healthier and happier. The idea is to collaborate and join together under one umbrella, with one goal and one message, to break through the noise and change lives. That’s why Live4It is a community-wide approach: by using the Live4It brand and key concepts, individuals, employers, health care providers and civic organizations can join together to promote one message How to Live-4-It! to improve your life and the lifespan of our community.

What are YOU Living4?

What are you living for? What gives you joy, hope, peace, strength, or meaning in life? Answer this one question and begin the journey to changing your lifestyle and environment… If not for you, for "It".

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